Sunday, July 17, 2011

Managing Microsoft IIS, Active Directory and DNS from .net

Update 7/17/2011:  New links

This code was one of my first coding project from 11-10-2006

Today I am posting sample code on how to manage IIS 6 and Active directory using ADSI in VB.NET.
And managing DNS (creating zones, records and enumeration) using WMI in VB.NET.
There are four separate projects. 
This code is posted as-is!  It is to be used as a sample on how to do the work.  It is not intended to be used in production! - ADSI management of IIS 6 Sites and AppPools - WMI management of Microsoft DNS Zones and Records ADSI management of Active Directory contacts, Groups, Users, Recipient Policies, Accepted Domains objects (Exchange 2007) - C# code on generating IIS SiteID


TerryTorry said...

Hi Mike, you have already written, what I am searching for a long time... but your D/L Links are broken.

If you have already the sample then i would like to receive it via mail (

Best Regards

Mark Entingh said...

Mike, we need you! Your DNS zip file only contains the project files, but no actual .vb files or source code files.....