Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disk Quota and .net (WMI and Microsoft.DiskQuota.1)

Repost from old Blog

Today I had a con-call to talk about disk quota and how to automate the setting and reading of Quota. So i thought that I would post a little about Disk quota stuff.

There are 2 okay options.

#1 WMI (way to slow for a lot of things (

#2 Microsoft.DiskQuota.1

So my team needed a way to enumerate a users current quota limits and then + or - from them. WMI was very slow to do this. But DiskQuota.1 is quite fast. It is not well documented that it works on remote servers either. So I wrote a little something up.

So here is some cs (and that has functions on how to get and set quota info with Microsoft.diskquota.1



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